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Polypterus bichir

Marbled bichir

Guinean bichir

Nanus Cory Cat

Swartz's Cory Cat

Spotted Cory

Axelrod's Cory

Adolfoi Cory Cat

Masked Cory

Corydoras blochi

Bond's сory

San Juan Cory

Miguelito Cory, Sangama Cory

Horsemans Cory

Corydoras guianensis

Corydoras guapore

Skunk Cory cat

Corydoras delphax

False Bandit Cory

Elongate Bronze Cory

Cochu's Catfish

Leopard Cory

Corydoras loxozonus

Natterer, Natterer's Cory

Long nosed Arched Cory, Purus Cory, Narcisso Cory

Corydoras ellisae

Many-spotted Cory


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