Buy online Freshwater Clam Assassin Snail, Snail-Eating Snail, Anentome helena Photo / characteristics and care, growing and description

Aquarium Freshwater Clam Assassin Snail, Snail-Eating Snail / Anentome helena / striped

Latin name: Anentome helena

Buy online striped Aquarium Freshwater Clam Assassin Snail, Snail-Eating Snail / Anentome helena Photo

Photo Assassin Snail, Snail-Eating Snail (Anentome helena)

Aquarium Freshwater Clam description and characteristics:

  • maximum size: more than 10 cm
  • type of snail shell: elongated spiral
  • color of clam: striped

care and growing / Anentome helena Assassin Snail, Snail-Eating Snail:

  • compatibility with aquatic plants: compatible
  • care level: easy
  • type of aquarium: close
  • temperature of water: near 20°c

Buy online Assassin Snail, Snail-Eating Snail / Anentome helena.

catalog: Aquarium Freshwater Clam

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