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Aquarium Cauliflower Coral / Pocillopora

Latin name: Pocillopora

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Photo Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora)

Aquarium Sea Corals description and characteristics:

  • maximum height: 30-50 cm
  • color of sea coral: purple, brown, green, light blue, pink
  • species: hard coral

care and growing / Pocillopora Cauliflower Coral:

  • type of aquarium: closed
  • minimum aquarium size: not less than 200 liters
  • temperature of water: near 25°c
  • care level: for the experienced aquarist
  • compatibility with fishes: compatible
  • compatibility with plants: compatible
  • compatibility with marine inverts: compatible

Buy online Cauliflower Coral / Pocillopora.

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