Buy online Indoor Plants Plover Eggs succulent, Adromischus Photo / characteristics and cultivation, growing and description

Indoor Plants Plover Eggs succulent / Adromischus

Latin name: Adromischus

Buy online white Indoor Plants Plover Eggs succulent / Adromischus Photo
Buy online white Indoor Plants Plover Eggs succulent / Adromischus Photo

Photo Plover Eggs (Adromischus)

Indoor Plants description and characteristics:

  • form of succulent or cactus: sprawling
  • plant color: light green
  • plant height (cm): lower 30 cm
  • timing of flowering: no information
  • flower color: white
  • plant types: succulent

care, growing and cultivation / Adromischus Plover Eggs:

  • location of cactus or succulent: south window
  • light needs: full sun
  • frequency of watering: rare
  • air humidity: dry
  • growing complexity: undemanding

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