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Indoor Plants Devil's ivy liana / Scindapsus / motley

Latin name: Scindapsus

Buy online motley Indoor Plants Devil's ivy liana / Scindapsus Photo

Photo Devil's ivy (Scindapsus)

Indoor Plants description and characteristics:

  • plant height (cm): higher 150 cm
  • plant types: liana
  • type of stem: creeping
  • poisonous plant: not poisonous plant
  • leaf form: oval
  • foliage colour: motley

care, growing and cultivation / Scindapsus Devil's ivy:

  • period of rest: no
  • location of plant: bright room, east window, north window
  • growing complexity: for the grower with some experience
  • light needs: partial shade, bright ambient light
  • air humidity: wet
  • frequency of watering: abundant

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