buy (VEG)~"BRIDE" EGGPLANT~Seeds!!~~~~~~Chinese Variety!! online, bestseller 2018-2017 new, best price $3.00, review and Photo

buy (VEG)~"BRIDE" EGGPLANT~Seeds!!~~~~~~Chinese Variety!! online, bestseller 2018-2017 new, best price $3.00 review


(VEG)~"BRIDE" EGGPLANT~Seeds!!~~~~~~Chinese Variety!! Photo

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(VEG)~"BRIDE" EGGPLANT~Seeds!!~~~~~~Chinese Variety!! description and characteristics, review:

***EGGPLANT*** (Annual Veg) "Bride" variety (Solanum melongena) 8 seeds/pack. Elegant long, white eggs are highlighted with lavenders & pinks, grow to about 8" in length. Calyx is green. The variety originates in China & are excellent eating. 70 days to maturity. The plants have shown strong resistance to Bacterial Wilt. ~~~LEVEL of EXPERIENCE NEEDED FOR THESE SEEDS: Moderate Experience~~~ I am a Master Gardener from Wisconsin (ZONE 4) & I want to share many of the perennials, annuals, herbs & veggies from my 3rd generation, organic yard with you. Many of my plants are heirloom varieties that have been on the property since 1940 when my Grandfather built the house. Many I do not have the true name for, just what has been passed down from Gramma, to Mom, to me. I owned my own greenhouse for 13 years & I will give you step-by-step planting directions with each purchase for the gardening amateurs. I gear my sales towards the common gardener, small scale, but I do have a couple "Bulk" for larger scale enthusiasts.
  • ***EGGPLANT*** (Annual Veg)
  • "Bride" variety (Solanum melongena)
  • 8 seeds/pack
  • 70 days to maturity

buy (VEG)~"BRIDE" EGGPLANT~Seeds!!~~~~~~Chinese Variety!! online, bestseller 2018-2017 new, best price $3.00 review

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