Buy online Aquarium Fish Longfin tetra, Brycinus longipinnis Photo / characteristics and care, growing and description

Aquarium Fish Longfin tetra / Brycinus longipinnis / Gold

Latin name: Brycinus longipinnis

Buy online Gold Aquarium Fish Longfin tetra / Brycinus longipinnis Photo

Photo Longfin tetra (Brycinus longipinnis)

Aquarium Fish description and characteristics:

  • length of fish: 10-20 Cm
  • family: Tetras
  • temperament: Active
  • habitat: Freshwater Fish
  • color of fish: Gold
  • body shape of fish: Oval

care and growing / Brycinus longipinnis Longfin tetra:

  • minimum aquarium size: Not Less Than 100 Liters
  • type of aquarium: Open, Close
  • temperature of water: Near 25°C
  • light needs: Bright
  • bottom type in the aquarium: Coarse Sand, Pebble
  • layers of habitat in the aquarium: Top Layer
  • compatibility: With Any Peaceful Fish
  • care level: Easy

Buy online Longfin tetra / Brycinus longipinnis.

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